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Registered: 04.01.2010
04.01.10 03:21:17
I was converting a video (avi) that I have into separate parts for my iPhone (so mpg quality and the preset iPhone profile), after I set the markers I started converting it and then once it was done I saw that the length of each video was wrong. After seeing this I played it on my PC and my iPhone and it was in fact adding more time but no video after the clip.

And example of this is a 50min clip that said it went for ~2hours.

I would just like some help with this problem.

The operating system that I am running is Windows 7 (Build 7600) if that helps with the problem.

If you require any more information please just ask and I will provide it.

Posts: 3
Registered: 04.01.2010
04.01.10 03:24:02
Sorry I meant mp4 quality not mpg.
Posts: 3
Registered: 04.01.2010
04.01.10 06:16:56
Sorry about this... just work out how to do it properly.

After I tried adding an interval to see if it would fix it, I noticed that a marker needs to be placed at the start of the clip.

A suggestion: add a notice about this for at least the first time so that new users will not have the same problem!
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Registered: 22.01.2009
06.01.10 02:45:00
To: NanaFreak

We are glad you have figured it out yourself. Thank you for the comments!
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