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Registered: 30.11.2009
30.11.09 08:31:36
I have a registered copy of avs4you. My big goal was to edit a bunch of long music clips I have on my ipod. Some of the songs have some
undesirable sections and I wanted to remove them from the songs leaving the best parts in the wm4 files.

I went ahead and edited a bunch of songs and saved them back to my computer and then re-synched them to my ipod.

Everyone of the songs I edited has been either cutting in and out or stops before the song is over and has become a useless song.

If I play them in itunes player they sound fine but will not sound fine on my ipod. No clue what to do now. I hope I can get my songs
back to original state without having to pay for them again.
Support Manager
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Registered: 08.07.2008
02.12.09 01:58:53
To: shougom

Were original files removed from the hard drive?
Please playback video files in iTunes after editing.
If they play ok, there will be no problem while playing on your device after uploading.
Specify the model of iPod, format and source of the files.
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Registered: 30.11.2009
21.12.09 06:22:07
They played fine in avs4you editor. I did not replay them in itunes after editing.

I did not make copies as I should have I edited the original itunes aac files directly and saved them to their original locations so no backup. Its strange with the ipod because some songs will make it through portions of the song that were clipped and sometimes the ipod will skip to the next song thinking its an end of song marking. Obviously I have alot to learn about editing. But unfortunately it appears that my original downloads from itunes are not going to be salvagable unless itunes allows me to re-download for free.
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Registered: 30.11.2009
21.12.09 06:36:51
Let me clarify something. Above I said that my edited songs did NOT play ok in Itunes.

That is not true they play just as Ive edited them. The transitions arent real smooth but thats due to poor editing and im fine with that.

On the ipod different story the music stops and goes to the next song thinking its end of song.

I have the tiny ipod that is just a flash player with no screen. Not sure how to get version, firmware etc. (Isnt there a way in Itunes?)

Also the itunes filetypes are AAC files with extension M4A I believe. My original post was wrong I think about file ext.
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Registered: 22.01.2009
22.12.09 00:46:25
To: shougom

As the files play fine on your PC, this might be hardware problem. Are you sure your iPod works fine when you play other files (files which were not edited using our software)?

Please attach one of the problem files for testing (the output one you have edited). We'll try to reproduce the problem on a bunch of players we have available for testing. Also specify which AVS program you are using and which version.

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