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How do I activate the software if my PC is not connected to the Internet?

If the computer you want to use AVS software on is not connected to the Internet, follow the steps given below to activate the programs offline:

1. Please download the HID Generator utility: http://www.avsmedia.com/files/avs_hid_generator.exe.
Left click it to download. If you can not download the utility, please copy the link from the page and paste into the address bar of your browser, next click Enter on the keyboard (or the browser Go to button) to start downloading.

2. Launch HID_Generator.exe on the computer you have installed AVS programs to. It will generate the hardware ID of this particular computer required for program activation.

3. Follow the instruction quoted in the HID Generator window to send your hardware ID to our support team:

If you use an e-mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express etc.) a letter with your hardware ID will be automatically created after you press Send mail button. Please copy-paste your license key into this letter and send it to our support team.

If you do not have any mail client installed on your computer, copy the generated hardware ID and your license key and mail them to contact@avs4you.com or send to our support team a message via the Support Form.

4. After that we will create an .exe file for you. Upon finishing its installation the software will get activated automatically on the computer with the hardware ID you have sent.
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