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27.11.09 04:06:29
Before I place my order, can I try AVS software?

Yes, you can try AVS4YOU software prior to purchase. It is possible to download the non-activated versions of AVS programs from our website and use them without any charges. If you find the programs useful and would like to activate them, you'll need to purchase a license, if not - just uninstall them.

You can use the non-activated versions without paying for them as long as you need. The voice logo added to the output audio files or the watermark for videos is the only restriction such programs have. Certain functional restrictions have also been incorporated into our system utilities, but none of them prevent you from evaluating usability of the programs and their functional advantages.

Note, on www.avs4you.com website we offer a model of sales which consists in purchasing subscriptions instead of specific programs. So a person can place an order for the one year or unlimited subscription and use all AVS programs during the subscription period. All the new versions and even new software titles which are released during this period are offered free of charge.
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