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Registered: 09.09.2009
07.10.09 10:42:02
I used disk creator to generate a music CD. I used several .wav files to create this music CD. Track 1 is OK but all of the rest of the files or music is in track 2, a single track. There are no more track numbers. When playing this disc once track 1 is played then track 2 starts and if you don't try to change tracks it will attempt to play everything in track 2, but even that eventually hangs, repeating a section over and over.
How do you setup Disk Creator to produce a Music CD with a track for each song?
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08.10.09 23:50:26
How do you setup Disk Creator to produce a Music CD with a track for each song?
Unfortunately, problems when playing back audio CDs burnt with AVS Disc Creator really persist.

However, you can try the following:
- choose disc-at-oce option instead of track-at-once;
- use low-speed discs from known manufacturers, such as TDK or Verbatim.

Best regards
Experienced User
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12.10.09 07:10:55
To: JimB

here's my foolproof method, which I've done MANY times:

insert a new data CD-R (not an audio CD)
when prompted by your system to format the disc, select 'mastered' (assuming you use Vista, if not, whatever the equivalent is on your system)
in AVS Disc Creator, choose to create an audio CD
select your files
burn, selecting track at once, not disc at once.

this works for me - hope it does for you too.
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04.12.09 00:53:15
How do I make disk creater function properly. I appreciate your feed back.

Thank you.

M Larian
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04.12.09 02:53:21
To: mlarian

Hello M Larian,

Could you please describe your problem with AVS Disc Creator in details?
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