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Registered: 15.08.2009
15.08.09 12:04:02
I ripped the files (BDMV and Certificate folders including all sub-folders and files) of a Blu-Ray rental movie using AnyDVD HD to my PC's hard drive. The ripped files play back fine in Arcsoft Total Media Theatre, so I know that the protection has been removed. I'm trying to convert the ripped files to another format using AVS Video Converter 6.3. In Input File Name section, I browse on over to the Index.BDMV file for subject movie. When I select the file, I get the following Error Message:

D:\My Documents\AnyDVDHD\Passengers_P1\BDMV\Index.BDMV

File Format Error

Does anyone know of a work around? I've attached a screen shot of the error message as well as the directory in which the movie files reside.
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17.08.09 03:49:06
To: jaydub

Please once again make sure that the protection has been removed successfully.

Try to import the largest .m2ts file from the Stream folder. If the error persists, we'd need the source files for testing. I will contact you per e-mail with the appropriate instruction.

Best regards
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