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Registered: 16.07.2009
16.07.09 15:38:35
Rather than start a new thread, I thought I would post here.
I am running Window Vista and this mostly current version (I've reinstalled twice and wanted to post here before trying to upgrade).
AVS Video Converter Version

My issue is with only ONE .flv file.
The program was working fine converting other .flv files.
When I tried to convert this particular file (which is one of the HD - High Def files downloaded from YouTube),
it kept crashing the program.

The first time I tried to convert it, I got a "Quicktime Codec not installed" error.
Uninstalled and reinstalled program and then it just kept crashing when trying to convert that same file.

(I was converting from this .flv file => to => MP4 (Apple iPod - H.264, 640X480) option (but it seems to crash on other output options, too?)

Is this a known bug?

Can I send you this file and see if it causes errors on your end? It's named "VerizonHD.flv"

As mentioned, other .flv files convert fine?

--Chris C.
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Registered: 22.01.2009
16.07.09 23:06:02
To: cchenactor

Please try converting this file with the new version of AVS Video Converter ( available for download on our website. If the issue persists, please do not hesitate to write back.

To: hammeruc@cox.net

Here is the information from our developers. The file you have sent is encoded with Nellymoser audio codec which is not supported by our software for the moment given. We are planning to support such files, but not in the nearest future.

Best regards
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