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Registered: 05.08.2008
05.08.08 20:33:03
the uploader cant detect my xbox. :-\
can it really upload videos 2 my xbox in the first place?*SOS*
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Registered: 05.08.2008
05.08.08 20:59:14
not sure how 2 edit, if I can, so im replying
(its not liek a bump cause im the only "user" online)

the uploader cant detect my xbox but WMP11 sees it just fine. i saw that all of the uploader help is geared towards the iPod and / or mobile phones and says nothing about XBOX or microsoft.

is this just ment to turn my vids into mp4's, or will this somehow actually upload any vid i want to the XBOX's HDD?:-(
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Registered: 16.05.2008
06.08.08 07:36:46
To: :{|


You can convert your DVD files to MP4 format, supported by XBox, but that is impossible to upload the resulting file to XBox, using any AVS software.

So, to convert to MP4, please use AVS Video Converter 6, AVS Video to Go or AVS Video to XBox, choosing necessary presets.

To transfer videos to XBox, you have two ways:

1. You can use USB stick or any other storage to transfer files.
2. Connect your XBox to your network. On your PC, find XBox My Network Places allow acces to it and create there shared folder with the files you want to transfer. After that the shared folder will be seen in the XBox menu.

Best Regards
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Registered: 05.08.2008
06.08.08 17:26:39
To: Dam

a flash drive wouldn't be able to tranfer files.
you'd have to view it through the network.
but, the decription's a little misleading: *CRAZY*
"Convert your favorite video files and personal DVD videos and transfer them directly to Microsoft Xbox. No additional application is needed."
thanks for the help though.
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