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Registered: 23.06.2009
23.06.09 02:30:49
sice some days ago when I try to convert to flv, I get the internal error code 0x00011031.
Usually I convert from DVD grabbed IFO-Files to flv and untill afew days everything was going well. I just load the files and make the destination and select profile settings. Then I press convert and the error appears.
I don't know from where it comes. It just came up whithout any changes on the system (Vista Business 32bit sp2) or AVS Software.
Does anybody knows from where it comes and how to solve this error problem?

Thanks for answering in advance!

greetings, Noble
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Registered: 22.01.2009
24.06.09 02:21:09
To: Noble

Please try reinstalling the program. Make sure you download the latest version of the program from http://www.avs4you.com/downloads.aspx

Best regards
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