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Registered: 16.06.2009
16.06.09 15:05:18
I have been using AVS for some time, but just purchased the Hauppauge PVR. The device converts set top box HD programs into huge M2TS files.

I'd like to edit commercials out of these, and also join files. AVS recognizes them, and the edit functions work fine. But converting them? Ah . . . . . crash.

What format is the right one? The M2TS file is recorded at 59.94 fps, and approximately 800 kbs. Codec is the AVCHD, or H.264. I tried converting to a file with the .M2TS extension, using the AVI format. But that quit after several hours, VISTA informing me that an 'unusual error' had occurred. (I have never seen that error message in Windows before.) Before trying AVS I had attempted to edit these files in Linux with Avidemux. That program informed me that the files had to be indexed before conversion, and then quit without ceremony. I suspect that my problems with AVS relate to this indexing message - another error I had never seen before trying to work with these files.

So what conversion formula do I use? And how do I preserve the 59.94 fps?
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18.06.09 00:31:06
What format is the right one? The M2TS file is recorded at 59.94 fps, and approximately 800 kbs.
The maximum frame rate that can be set in AVS Video Converter is 30 fps and audio bitrate 320 kbps, presets to preserve parameters of your input files are not available for the moment, unfortunately.

Make sure you are using the latest version of the program. You can update it using AVS Update Manager to be found in Start > Programs > AVS4YOU.

Please could you attach a screenshot of the Advanced window of the program showing input and output file settings. Also would be great if you attached a screenshot showing the error message you get during conversion.

Thank you in advance
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