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Registered: 11.04.2009
13.04.09 16:13:17
OK, so I got Video Converter 6 to work somehow...? Anyways, I'm converting .mkv to .wmv. I chose Variable Bitrate 100 Quality... The original file size is 3.something GB, and the file size is over 400 MB for only 2% or so... The new video is going to be MASSIVE... my question is why?

If the original is 3.41 GB, why in God's name would the same file encoded with different file type and same quality, be about 15x the size.
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14.04.09 00:41:02
To: uss ducky

Actually not quality, but the bitrate influences output file size: the more bitrate, the larger output file size.

Please could you attach a screenshot showing your input and output file parameters: add the source file into the program, choose the preset, then click on Advanced > File Information and make a screenshot of this window.

It would be also great if you sent a part of your input file, as the problem might be that the input bitrate was recognized not correctly (too high) and, as a result, the output bitrate was set much higher in the program than it should be. Please check up the support page for more information on how to upload the file.

Thank you in advance
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